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Saved by the Blood: Poems from a high school believer (1990-1994)

for my mother’s son


PART I:  Him                                                           1990-1991


Jesus’ choice

Royal Blue


circle city


PART II:  Me                                                            1992-1993

Without God

Whisper to Me


Under water


I am called

PART III:  Us                                                                    1994

New birth

meditating:  not afraid of the dark anymore

Back home (college freshman ruminations)


dulls the senses

leaves you charred
to the bone

makes you greedy
secretly longing
for something more


like water
touching naked
dirty skin

or crinkly plastic paper
peeled frantically from
sticky candy

is awakening

to an unimaginably
sweeter life

in Him

Jesus’ choice

He sits in His chambers  

walls of alternating panels of gold and glass

30 or 40 feet high

it seems

The wooden floor is from every tree in existence

dizzying array of colors – grain – roughness

from wood panel to wood panel

Earth-cut chunks of rubies – emeralds – sapphires

transparent brilliance emanating from His throne

it seems

There are people around Him

surrounding Him like children surround the new boy

dressed like princes and princess

long flowing dresses – glittered necklaces – coiffed hair

tailored suits – slicked curls – click-clacking heels

speaking in different dialects

laughing with Him

gushing over Him

cooing over Him

giggling when He says something back

happy – rich – wealthy – perfect

I smell food

delicious – savory – tasty

swirling in the air from a kitchen somewhere

rice and beans – baked chicken – fried plantains

busy waiters carrying food on large trays

serving – leaving – returning with more

carrying flasks of delectable liquids

real wine – real water – real juice

They do not see me

No one does

it seems  

I am a servant

a barefoot homely girl in the corner

a brown mouse

hair unloved for years

skin ashen

clothes opaque

I cannot join them

I am inadequate small – unworthy

I do not call out

I do not say anything

I am resigned to the shadows

Then something happens

He stands up

He steps down from His throne

He walks in my direction

He walks towards me

it seems

He is handsome

brown eyes swimming with green – blue – gray – hazel

lips are full and regular

face is middle-aged

tiny wrinkles at the crease of His eyes

He is tall

wearing a simply rich robe

threads unlike anything in existence

shiny, but not too shiny

matte, but not too dull

moving, but not too light

hanging on Him perfectly

His eyes are on me

it seems

I want to believe He is looking at someone behind me

someone above me

someone to my left or my right

I do not want Him to look at me – but really I do

He stops in front of me

it seems

The perfect people follow Him

They are perplexed and curious

They whisper among themselves

They argue among themselves

They fight for position

They ask Him, “which one of us will You choose?”

He reaches out His hand to me

it seems

His sweet eyes encourage me

it seems

My hand trembles

I awkwardly put my hand into His

Then He says, “this one”

Royal Blue




A warm fleece.

The midnight sky.



Royal Blue records.

Dark cyan.


The mighty B&O passenger train from NY to DC.

So black its blue.

Koko Taylor recording artist.

The law.

Robe of our Lady of Love, Mother of the Holy One, the bright morning star.


Royal Blue.


Yo – check, check it

It was the power of My Spirit that made you hear it

The dark of the Mark that flipped your heart

It was the cool of My Touch that cleaned you up

Made you spiffy and new like the morning dew

I told you Love was the one that did the work

Scrubbing off the grime that polluted mankind

You came to Me for the help and then I did it

Gave you more than you needed and then you succeeded

That’s the Love of a Savior with great renown

The care of a Soul making you whole

They can’t snatch you from My side and tear you down

I’ll fight to My death to give you new breath

‘Cause in the fullness of time, I’ll take what’s Mine

Slay the wicked with a Word that he never heard

I’ll send him back to the hell that made him fell

Pin him down like a clown with no more hope

Make him choke on the dope that he sold cloaked

Then all my C’s will break free and come unto Me

Singing songs – living long – free as can be

We’ll be swayin’ to the breeze of eternity

Forever dancin’ to the rhythm of My melody

For the sweetness of My Love will be your treat

You’ll be shinin’ like the chrome on a busy street

My throne is Love pourin’ out from the Holy Three

Father and Spirit and the Holy Me

‘Cause My bloody hour was the power that made it be

Yo, keep it clean – keep it tight – just trust in Me

I won’t leave you in the dark to be alone

Be bold – keep the hold – I’ll take you home

I won’t leave you in the dark to be alone

Be bold – keep the hold – I’ll take you home

Copyright 2020. Michelle St. Claire. All Rights Reserved.

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