A Garden Raina


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She slid the door open and led Raina outside, who gasped at the sight.  The backyard had been transformed into a beautiful pink rose garden.  Perfectly spaced rose bushes lined the perimeter of the yard.  Small pink mini-roses hung from the corners of the yard in hanging baskets.  Rose vines climbed the fence in a graceful style.  Their small patch of grass was healthy and green, cut and lined with precision.  Butterflies fluttered.  Bees buzzed.  The sweet powerful fragrance was intoxicating.

“Raina grabbed her mother’s hand and squeezed it.  “Well, for whatever it was worth, look at what it produced.  Ma, I love you and I forgive you completely.”

Ms. Calyx smiled.  “I am very proud of you, Raina,” she said.  “And I love you and forgive you completely, too.”


A Garden for Raina is a short, beautiful reflection on forgiveness and reconciliation.  College-bound Raina discovers the importance of forgiving others, especially her mother, in order for God to forgive her.

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