Fighting Felicia


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“I would tell them that God’s love is free but the peace always comes with conditions.  I realize that now.  It has to come with conditions ‘cause if it didn’t, there would be no need for a hell.  We all would just go to heaven ‘cause nobody could be accused of disagreeing with God since, without conditions, there would be nothing to disagree about.

But there are conditions, not for His love, but for that peace.  It’s different for everybody.  Some people might need to forgive others.  Some might need to change something about their habits or themselves.  Others might need to do something big and take a leap of faith.  But either way, there are always conditions to keeping that peace.  I see that now.  Now, I understand it.  You have to feel really sorry for the wrong things you’ve done and then you have to repent for it, and somehow God takes it up and forgives you and just gives you a new lease on life.”


Fighting Felicia explores Godly sorrow as defined in 1 Corinthians in the Christian bible through the heartfelt repentance and change of Felicia Robinson, an incarcerated young woman facing a parole hearing.  Felicia’s genuine transformation not only help to win her parole, but leads her to spiritual salvation in Jesus Christ.

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