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The people of Ceto are suffering the effects of the Shadow’s deadly poison.  All is in turmoil.  The government vows to find a cure, swiftly employing the finest of scientists to the task.

But only the ancient Lijian legend offers the true solution.  “A worthy soul must find the Sacred Waterstone hidden in the wilderness somewhere,” says Uncle Quinn.  “It’s the only way, Toruk, the only antidote that will save us all.”

Uncle Quinn’s words are echoed by the majestic Voice Upon the Mountain who suddenly calls Toruk one night:   “Toruk, go through Satqin Forest,” the Voice says, “defeat the Shadow, cross the Chena River, then come to Matla Mountain Peak and I will give you the Sacred Waterstone.”

Toruk Tal, a young man both orphaned and blinded by the Shadow’s poison, readily agrees to the journey.  With Uncle Quinn’s urging, he sets out without delay, intending to reach the Peak by nightfall, but will he survive it?

PEAK is a fantastical tale of faith and bravery, taking the reader of Toruk’s journey to truth.


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