Song of Sonya


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“Why?” she said.  “Father God, I need you to come and help me.  I feel…I feel lost.  I feel like I don’t know what to do.  My heart is heavy and all I can think of is Dorian and all I want to do is try to do something for him.  But this is just too hard, Father God.  That investigator was asking me questions like I was a criminal.  And when he started talking to me like that, all I could wonder about was Dorian.  Is that what Dorian felt like right before Officer Swales shot him?  Like he did something wrong?  Did Officer Swales kill my brother because he was a minority?  Father God, is that really true?  Father God, I’m suffering!  My heart is suffering!  It’s in pieces!  Father God, please heal me.  Help me to put my trust in You so you can deliver me from this suffering!”

Sonya paused and closed her eyes.  “Please Father God, deliver me.”


Song of Sonya explores the demise of a young man at the hands of law enforcement.  His sister, Sonya, a budding singer, deepens her faith in God as she turns to Him in her suffering.  She learns to lean on God in times of challenging circumstances as she prepares for a musical audition at a city college.

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