The Last Princess of Saint-Domingue


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She could not help but to think of the angel that visited her when Eni died.  Nya wondered if the Creator had been watching Saint-Domingue.  She wondered if He knew of all this chaos, the lives lost, the bloodshed.  She recalled the angel’s words to her that she must continue to fight for good things even after the battles ended.  Nya wondered why.  She wondered what role she would have in the new republic.  She wondered what injustices would persist.

“Creator?” Nya said aloud.  “What will I do after the revolution?”


The Last Princess of Saint-Domingue chronicles the early life of a young West African princess captured by slavers and sold to a wealthy French plantation owner in the Caribbean.  With the help of an angel, Princess Nya learns the meaning of endurance as she moves from enslavement to revolution to eventual freedom.

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