The Sixth Star


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“My Sixth Star was an odd-shaped device, vertical, curved, resembling a large flower vase towering over nine feet, its width approximately six feet.  The vortex was made of aerospace grade titanium with carbon composite structures, smooth, sleek, silver.  Toward the base of my Star was a built-in fiberglass window about the width of a human hand.  It was absolutely beautiful.

Inside my Star was my patented Nullafilm, a powerful soft black compound I invented to siphon electromagnetic energy then wirelessly redistribute it to the aerial distribution modules I released into Siva’s atmosphere.  The Nullafilm streamed white when it worked.  It gave my dreary Sivan dominion light while likewise plunging Dawn and the west into darkness.

At the time, I cared little for the consequences of my actions nor did I consider my Star a weapon, though it was.  In fact, it was so powerful that only the sacred words spoken from an ancient scroll, the HinaKirin, could dispel the darkness my Star caused.”


The Sixth Star is a fantastical tale told in the voice of Dr. Dolion Sixth, a former mad scientist thrilled with sowing destruction and chaos in Dawn.  As a must read, this first installment in St. Claire’s Dawn trilogy lays the foundation of good versus evil, of right versus wrong, of light versus darkness.

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