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Beautifully Unbroken tm

Original fiction featuring ordinary teens conquering extraordinary odds. Available in paperback and ebook.

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Original poetry exploring spirituality and extolling the Divine. Read the free excerpts.

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Real Heroes Collection (non-fiction)-COMING SOON

Meet real live heroes who made a difference in our world. What other real heroes do you want to see? Check back at facebook.com/lektikids

Cool Comics Collection (fiction) – COMING SOON
Kool Kreyol Collection – COMING SOON

Did you know that ‘lekti’ means ‘reading’ in Haitian Creole? Intrigued, right? Check out these fiction and non-fiction comics written in both English and Haitian Creole. Perfect for ESOL students, curious language learners, and just plain kool kids. (By the way, for every Lekti book purchased, a Kool Kreyol book is donated to a kool kid attending a Haitian primary school.) Want to learn more? Contact us at facebook.com/lekti.

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